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Aimee 22k Gold L’Ovale Bracelet for Women - Aprnji
Aimee 22k L’Ovale bracelet
Ovals, such as our Aimee 22k Gold bracelet for women, are an illustration of never-ending love, unity, harmony, and happiness, as depicted by their smooth curves and limitless, slightly curved shape, and well-balanced, expected symmetry. Wholeness and fulfillment are just some of the symbolic...
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Estelle 22k Square with Outer Curves and side rings bracelet
Our Square with outer curves pure 22k gold bracelet seeks inspiration from architectural influences, designed with a passion for modern luxury yet suitable for frequent wear. This stunning combination of a square and pinched exterior gives it a halo “frame” with an airy space...
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Margot 22k La Ronde with gold chain bracelet
Circles symbolize never-ending love, passion, and friendship, a representation of eternity and life’s cycles and various chapters through time. Harness the wholeness of the universe and the ultimate bond of unity with the classic elegance of a circle, such as our Margot La Ronde...

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Diamonds and 3 Cs

by S O 20 Apr 2023

The "3 Cs" of diamonds are the key factors that are used to evaluate and determine their value. These 3 Cs are:

  1. Carat weight: This refers to the weight of the diamond, measured in carats. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, and the larger the diamond, the more rare and valuable it is.

  2. Clarity: This refers to the level of internal and external flaws or inclusions in the diamond. The clarity scale ranges from "FL" (flawless) to "I3" (included), with diamonds that are free of inclusions being more valuable.

  3. Color: This refers to the natural color of the diamond, with the most valuable diamonds being those that are colorless or near-colorless. The color scale ranges from "D" (colorless) to "Z" (light yellow or brown).

In addition to the 3 Cs, the cut of the diamond is also important in determining its value. The cut refers to the angles and proportions of the diamond, which can affect its brilliance, fire, and overall beauty. A well-cut diamond will reflect more light and appear more brilliant, making it more valuable.

When purchasing a diamond, it is important to consider each of the 3 Cs and to choose a diamond that best meets your personal preferences and budget.

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